We Provide Vaccinations For (Flu Shot)

Getting your yearly influenza (flu) shot from Livonia Urgent Care and Medical Center is a quick and easy method to protect yourself against the virus. You may also assist to prevent the spread of the flu by immunizing yourself. Every year, in the latter part of the year, our local medical institutions store the flu vaccination for the upcoming season. This way, you'll be able to obtain your flu vaccination as soon as feasible.

Who Should Get a Vaccination?

Who should not be vaccinated against the flu?

Why Is a flu vaccination necessary?

Influenza is a dangerous infection that can result in hospitalization or, in extreme situations, death. Getting vaccinated against the flu not only protects your personal health, but it also protects people who cannot receive the vaccination.

Population immunity, often known as "herd immunity," benefits everyone by immunizing a substantial section of a community against an infectious illness.

Advantages of a flu shot:

Why is a yearly vaccine necessary?

Because of the possibility of viral modification, known as "antigenic drift," new vaccinations are designed each year to defend against the viruses that are expected to proliferate throughout the forthcoming flu season.

Flu viruses are always evolving, and various strains will become more dominant from year to year.